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Boost Your Beer Tasting Skills Workshop

Beer tasting workshop group event West Thebby

Keen to boost your beer knowledge?

Want to build your tasting skills?

Then check out this workshop and taste beer like a pro. 

You’ll learn how to enjoy good beer with a fun, hands-on sensory experience. De-mystify the tasting process, boost your beer lingo and enhance your palate with an industry expert in a fun, hands-on tasting experience.

This two-hour workshop includes beers, sensory samples, take-home learning material and great conversation.

The workshop can be customised to include other beverages such as cider, wine, gin, rum, whisky and non-alcoholic drinks. Group sizes from 8 to 15 people are recommended for an in-person session. It can be held in venues such as bars, cafes, corporate meeting rooms or private venues. 

Online workshops via Zoom can also be tailored for groups.

Enquiries are welcome by email to taste@flavourlogic.com

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Fantastic workshop! I now experience beer tasting in a different light.
It really helped me understand and develop my own palate.
Excellent unique offering. Loved the blind beer tasting.