What We Do

I’m Briony, a sensory analyst, Certified Cicerone, beer educator, writer and judge.

I’ve worked in the beer, wine and food industries for 20 years. I’ve tried a lot of beverages, some amazing… some not so great. I’ve judged international beer, cider, spirit and olive oil competitions. I’ve consulted for food and beverage big and small. I’ve helped many a brewer learn more about the fascinating intricacies of their own beer.

Now, I’m using my sensory super powers to help you!

Are you in the FOOD & BEVERAGE industry?

+ Get tools to improve the quality and consistency of your products

+ Boost the tasting skills of your production team and service staff

+ Build connections with customers and better satisfy your consumers

Are you interested in a customised tasting?

+ Become a better taster with a fun, personal sensory experience 

+ Tune into your curiosity and test your senses

+ De-mystify the tasting process whether you’re a novice or an expert

+ Perfect for small groups in a private or corporate setting

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